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A selection of our portfolio companies


Invictus International School

Invictus provides quality and affordable education from Kindergarten to Cambridge A-Levels, utilising rigorous internationally renowned curricula and immersive classroom experiences. It currently has 9 campuses across 5 countries serving more than 1800 students. 

(Acquired by Singapore Exchange listed property developer SGX:C29)



Dropfoods empowers business owners and consumers with access to a sustainable, safe and secure network of FMCG smart kiosks. The company’s vision is to connect the world to enable the movement of food, money and big data for everyone, everywhere. Dropfoods' technology solution has been selected to be included in UN-Habitat flagship programme ‘People-Centered Smart Cities Compendium’ that showcases smart city initiatives, solutions and initiatives that make a positive impact to the quality of life of people in cities, communities and regions.



The #1 ranked virtual tour guide mobile application with destinations in over 70 countries. VoiceMap drapes stories over statues and paints them onto walls. It pins them to art, plants them in national parks, and anchors them like buoys in busy rivers. Then, when you come along, there they are, neatly tied together by audio walks, cycles, drives, train trips and boat rides.



Folr was launched as a personal safety app for tracking the whereabouts of close relatives, family members and friends. The company diversified into enterprise tracking application, and provided a cloud based solution to track the movement and coordination of employees. 

(Acquired by US based analytics firm Rhodes Edge)

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